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Learn-WiseGo Joins Forces with Med World Live!

Learn-WiseGo is excited to announce the completion of our first major customized integration! Magnifi Group has been collaborating with LIMA USA on the development of an integration with Med World Live. Med World Live is a video platform that allows medical device companies and healthcare systems to deliver content to their sales teams, internal staff and customers through a 4-angle video portal. LIMA USA uses these videos to train their own staff on surgical procedures and how to place implants.

With this new integration, your users now have the ability to watch surgical videos directly in their Learn-WiseGo library without ever leaving Learn-WiseGo. No Med World Live account for users necessary! Furthermore, all video usage will be tracked back to admin report so you can see which videos are popular with your users.

If you have a specific video provider that you would like to see on your LMS or would like the Med World Live privilege enabled, let your Account Manager know!


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