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Learn-wiseGo User Experience Design: Assigned/Completed

Learn-WiseGo has improved the user’s experience design for “Assigned” and “Completed” tabs under Lesson Plans, Instructor Led Trainings and Certification courses.

The new design will give users an easy and clear access to their In-progress or Completed Assignments.

The “Assigned” button’s name is now entirely displayed, and the active tab will always be displayed in your site’s theme color.

The “Assigned” Tab will still show the list of Lesson Plans whose status is In Progress, Open or Pending e-Signature. These are the Assignments users will still have to take action on.

The “Completed” tab will show a full list of Lesson Plans, Instructor Led Trainings or Certification courses users have Failed or Passed.

If you want to find out more about our future developments within Learn-WiseGo, contact your Account Manager for more information or click here to take a look at our development pipeline.


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