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Magnifi Group, Inc. Hosts First Learn-Wise Symposium in Tuttlingen, Germany

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Magnifi Group, Inc., developer of Learn-Wise, a leading eLearning platform for the Medical Device Industry, hosted its first eLearning Symposium in Tuttlingen, Germany. Tuttlingen is recognized as a world center for medical device technology, and the symposium attracted several representatives from major local medical device companies. Andrew Wolpe, President of Magnifi Group, explains why Tuttlingen was chosen as the site of the first symposium:

“We are the leading provider of eLearning technology for the Medical Device Industry, and Tuttlingen is the heart of the world’s medical device industry. It makes sense for us to build relationships here.”

The program featured several speakers including a current Learn-Wise client, Max Singh from Ulrich Medical, and prospective client, Stephan Gadhof from SIMEON Medical.

“It’s quite unusual for someone who is not even a client yet to tell others how much they want to use your product and services. This speaks to the fact that in today’s market all size companies have a global reach and require innovative methods to educate their sales networks,” said Wolpe, who also spoke at the symposium. “I’m really excited about the possibilities of Learn-Wise. SIMEON is a cutting-edge company, and eLearning will help us improve our training procedures and advance even further,” Gadhof said.

Both Singh and Gadhof spoke of how eLearning helps them meet the special challenges in their industry such as reaching a geographically-dispersed workforce, effectively raising knowledge levels in a very technical field, increasing engagement during live training sessions, and easily tracking training information in a highly-regulated industry.

“We are very glad to have attended the symposium. It was quite helpful, and we gained an insight into eLearning,” said Ms. Rüberg, a representative from Medicon.

Magnifi Group will continue to host eLearning symposiums at the medical device centers in Europe and the US. Magnifi Group will host its 6th Annual U.S. Users’ Conference in San Diego, California on Thursday, 24 March. It will host its 3rd Annual European Users’ Conference in Paris on Thursday, 2 June. See more information at


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