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Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact: Three Tips for Transforming your PowerPoint Presentations to Online

When you survey your training resources, do you see an abundance of PowerPoint presentations that are typically delivered in a classroom setting? If yes, you are not alone! This time-tested training method works, but has its limitations. If you are ready to shift your training to a more flexible digital environment, you might be wondering how… and what to do with all those PowerPoints?! Here are 3 tips to work with what you’ve got!

One: Convert

Most leading authoring tools include an “import PowerPoint” feature (Articulate Storyline) or are a PowerPoint add-on (iSpring Presenter). All you have to do is pull in your existing slides and output an LMS-ready SCORM or xAPI file. You could literally stop right there! You have already taken a big step, but if you want to see what else you can do, check out the next two tips.

Hint- After importing a PowerPoint, preview it first to make sure all the text, images, and animations are exactly where you want them.

Two: Enhance

Now that your training material will be delivered virtually, your users won’t have a live person with whom to interact. It’s a great idea to keep your users interested in the content by adding some interesting interactions. Most authoring tools come with several great pre-built options. For example, users can explore information using a slider or click to reveal. If you want to check that your users are understanding the material, add a few quiz questions like a multiple choice, true/false, or an interactive drag and drop question.

Hint- Publish your eLearning as SCORM 2004, 2nd or 3rd edition and passed/failed to ensure all of the great performance data gets sent to the Learn-WiseGo reports.

Three: Incentivize and Deliver

Upload your courses to Learn-WiseGo and distribute them to your users. Incentivize course completions with reward points and customized certificates of completion. Track completion rates and user performance in customizable and dynamic reports.

Do you have PowerPoint presentations you are ready to transform into digital learning tools? Contact us for ideas and support.


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