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Our Soft Skills Courses are live!

We are pleased to announce our new Soft Skills Courses. Your employees can dramatically improve their soft skills proficiency by leveraging high-quality soft skills learning content in four critical areas: Selling, Productivity, Communication and Leadership.

Have a look at each course catalog and overview below. Your employees can enroll in the course series or in an individual course.

Prescriptive Selling is all about setting yourself up for success during your sales process. Being able to plan accordingly, share the proper amount of information at the right time, and adjust on the fly given the situation are all components that lead to you becoming a better salesperson as well as a signature on the dotted line.

Personal Productivity is simply based around being able to focus on more of the right things with less time. When utilized properly, this skill can lower your stress levels, help you find that work/life balance you hear so much about, and take back control of your time and priorities.

Impactful Communication involves many active skills such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening. When utilized properly, Impactful Communication results in a strong culture, strengthened relationships, and a well-balanced work environment.

Dynamic Leadership is about working to build a performance culture. Having this type of culture keeps attrition low and performance high. This skill focuses on sharing the vision, aligning on goals, developing trust, and advancing the individuals you are responsible for, both personally and professionally. When properly executed the ROI is great!

If you are interested in adding these courses to your LMS, or have questions about our other course offerings, reach out to your account manager today.

If you would like to take a look at our development pipeline, click here!


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